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New Year Resolutions and Revolutions!

Looking for mindfulness courses in Dublin?

The start of the New Year can be a wonderful time to set intentions and explore possibilities. It is the perfect opportunity to say goodbye to old habits and to welcome new, to touch in with our wish to be healthier, happy and settled and to take the steps towards making it happen…

Say goodbye to the old and welcome the new!

To be mindful means to know what is happening while it is happening, and to meet this ‘happening’ with what Jon Kabat Zinn calls an open hearted attending to. When we start to see more fully what is happening in each moment, we begin to create a space to choose how we respond to our unfolding moments, rather than react from a place of autopilot. This can help facilitate a freedom from old habits, making room for the new. Maybe even making room to notice the beauty in the small moments and touching in with peace when it arises, or attending to those difficult moments with a kind and gentle heart.

In turn, leading to a life that may be more…

Healthier, happier and more settled.

Studies have shown the direct correlation between mindfulness and HAPPINESS. Harvard researcher Matt Killingsworth conducted a study in which 15 000 people from 80 different countries, varying in age, levels of education,  economic, and marital status were contacted at random times throughout the day and asked about their levels of happiness, what they were doing and whether their mind was wandering. It turns out that the most common predictor for happiness was a mind that was present. The activity was irrelevant.

So how can we create the conditions for presence? How can we cultivate a kind and compassionate heart?

We can train in mindfulness and compassion.

Taking steps to make it happen…

Whether you are new to mindfulness or a seasoned practitioner, we have mindfulness courses in Dublin for you. Have a look at our upcoming courses and classes for 2019 and pick your favourite:

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