The Cuan Programme

The Cuan Programme (formerly known as The Jigsaw Programme) is designed to make the activities of the Sanctuary available and accessible to adults of all ages and abilities, with a particular emphasis on people who are going through a vulnerable period in their life.

As Spring is in full swing and nature is awakening, so too are the programmes and activities at the Sanctuary. As the garden changes and evolves, the Cuan Programme formerly known as the Jigsaw Programme has been developing, changing and is now back in full swing. In fact, we have changed the name of the programme to reflect the new expanded offering.

“The word Cuan means harbour in Irish and it represents presence, resilience and stillness.”

The policy for referral of clients is still the same and as soon as we receive the referral letters from your organisation, they are inputted on to the system and the clients can then make contact with our reception for bookings. Once the referral has been processed the key worker is informed by email and asked to let the client know. An information sheet for the client is provided and should be explained to the client so they are aware of what services are available.

The Sanctuary’s Cuan Programme depends on a strong partnership with the Referring Organisations and the Key Contacts and we look forward to this on-going relationship with you and your organisation.

So, we would like to invite you to our first meditation of the year on February 1st from 2-3pm followed by tea and coffee and a chat.

The new expanded programme means that we will be offering the following:
• Holistic Health Treatments
• Monthly Meditation
• Mindful Gardening

The monthly meditation will be held on the first Thursday of every month and the time for this meditation remains at the same time of 2-3pm. There is an informal Tea/coffee afterwards from 3.00 – 3.30pm which Cuan clients are very welcome to attend.

The Holistic treatments continue to be very popular with everyone. To ensure as many people as possible can avail of this service, there is an allocation of 6 treatments in the 12 month period per person. These can be booked one at a time and no earlier than a month in advance.

To assist we will provide appointment cards which will be issued to all those on the Cuan programme and will be updated with the amount of treatments they have taken and as each appointment is booked the card will be updated. This card will be kept by the client and updated by Sanctuary staff so it is important to remind all clients to bring their appointment cards with them.

If you are familiar with The Sanctuary you will know that we have a beautiful garden. We have set aside the last Friday of each month for garden volunteers and we welcome all and any new members to quietly garden in this oasis of calm. We provide a light lunch of fresh breads, cheeses, crackers and fruit on the day.

Finally, our Befriending service is now open to people on the Cuan programme. The Sanctuary Befriending programme is a group of volunteers who wish to extend the hand of friendship to others by carrying out regular visits to people living in the Dublin 7 area. We particularly look for those who are experiencing social exclusion and mental health difficulties.

If you have a client who would benefit from a weekly visit, cup of tea and a chat who lives in Dublin 7 please let us know and we can match them with a befriender.

Thursday February 1st

If you can’t make the 1st February, we are still delighted to offer referral organisations the opportunities to bring new clients to visit the Sanctuary.

There is no cost involved and this is a valuable opportunity to learn about the Cuan Programme, see the Sanctuary, meet the staff and to be introduced to the Sanctuary’s ethos of stillness through mindfulness and meditation.

To arrange one of these visits please contact Jessica Foran at or on 01-6705419 who will be the main point of contact for the Cuan Programme.

Thank you for your commitment to this programme and working with us to ensure it is something of value for all involved.