“Mindfulness? – I’m too busy!” Says The Teacher!

Have you ever felt that way as a busy teacher?  Dominic Cogan knows all about it after working in education for thirty years. Ahead of his .b Foundations course starting he talks us through the benefits of mindfulness for teachers.

It’s like we know we need to unwind, to take stock, to pause amid all the rushing around that passes for normal in most schools.

But how would you react if someone said any of the following:
“I don’t have time to have a shower.”

“I don’t have time to have dinner.”

“I don’t have time to go to sleep.”

I guess we might think that the person saying any of these has somehow lost the plot a bit, lost touch with what is important. Pretty much everyone would agree that getting a night’s sleep, eating at least one decent meal a day and regularly washing tick the boxes for maintaining our health.

And we don’t have to argue with anyone about the merits of regular teeth brushing for good dental hygiene (well maybe yes with young kids!). So why is it that we often don’t get it when it comes to having a regular mental health routine ?  Curious isn’t it? We’ve got the message about healthy eating and getting enough exercise for the body but for the mind …?

Learning to practice Mindfulness for up to 20 minutes a day is a really shrewd move in terms of developing the kind of emotional resilience teachers need now more than ever. At times as teachers we need to be a blend of both the tough and the tender.

Apart from the obvious part of our job to teach say Maths or Geography, is the much more important role of modelling how to be a sane, competent, sometimes wise and sometimes witty adult. We want our students to feel ok about themselves despite all the current social media driven anxiety around comparisons.

But you know learning to take of ourselves both mentally and physically is one really good way to this. This is what the .b Foundations Mindfulness course is all about.

Specially designed for busy teachers and those working with young people, .b Foundations will teach you how to look after yourself in the high-pressure world of teaching.

And if you are interested in teaching mindfulness to kids or teens, the course provides a really nice foundation for training as a .b or Paws b teacher.

Mindfulness for Teachers: .b Foundations With Dominic Cogan runs from Tuesday, 20th of February, 2018.

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