Our is a sacred place, one of refuge in a busy city where we connect and journey inwards to the spirit.

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  • Intermystical Pathways with John Doherty

    Sunday 30th September 10am – 4pm

    This is course is the second part of a two-day course. If you did not attend the first part you are welcome to attend, if you have any questions please call us on 01 670 5419.

    The workshop is experiential in nature and will explore some of the following themes:

    • An interspiritual model of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation
    • Markers on the path of the inner journey
    • Mindfulness as a Spiritual Awareness
    • Mindfulness connecting to Oneness / The Mystical Journey
    • Using the Eternal Now, Anchoring our living in the Present and Presence
    • Looking at how we see Oneness and images of the Transcendent
    • Listening practices as a doorway to Insight
    • Living a contemplative life, a monastery without walls
    • Understand the deeper movements of shadow and soul in the inner self / Working with resistance
    • Journeys into emptiness and Great Emptiness
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  • The mystics with David Halpin

    In this short three-week course three of the most influential mystics of human history will be presented.

    The Buddha, Jesus Christ and Ramakrishna.

    Thursday 13 September – Thursday 27 September, 7pm – 9pm each Thursday

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