brother richard

An Introduction To Franciscan Meditation With Brother Richard


Running from 10 – 4 pm on Sunday October 1st

In this experiential workshop with Brother Richard, (a Capuchin Franciscan priest-friar and practioner of this tradition for over 25 years), you will learn to move and rest in Divine Love and Compassion, be invited into realising a life of brother/sisterhood with all living beings, recognise the presence of the Divine at the heart of your own being and confront the mystery of mortality through the franciscan vision of death as our sister who delivers us into the eternal Now of God.

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The lives and writings of Sts Francis and Clare of Assisi and their followers provide a distinctive map of contemplative practice within the Christian Meditative Tradition that stresses a deep connection with the cosmos as a way of coming home to the Divine as the source of all creative love and desire.