Dr Harry Barry Lecture on Adolescent Mental Health


‘Emotional Resilience – the key to our adolescent mental health crisis’?

Dr Harry Barry will talk about mental health and what it is. Mental health versus physical health, and the current state of mental health difficulties amongst our adolescent (13 – 25 years) population. Dr Barry will explain what Emotional Resilience is, how we develop it and the 20 skills identified with it.

Over the course of the evening Dr Barry will explore some key skills for reducing anxiety and improving mental health, using an interactive approach with the audience. These will include Flooding to deal with Panic attacks and Phobias, Empathy, Unconditional Self – Acceptance, How to manage Uncertainty and LFT, and How to deal with Interpersonal Conflict.

This talk will shine a bright light on the topic of adolescent mental health and provide the audience with some key knowledge and tools to use in their everyday lives. Join us and Dr Barry at The Law Society on Thursday 11th October as we talk openly about the state Ireland’s mental health.

Thursday 11th October, 7.30pm in The Law Society

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Dr Harry Barry is especially interested in the concept of emotional resilience and how developing skills in this area could transform our mental health. He has developed a holistic approach with an emphasis on the combination of combining Neuroscience concepts, lifestyle changes and where necessary drug therapy, with the application of simple CBT approaches to effectively manage these approaches. He retired from full time general practice in 2013 to focus solely on mental health. He now works on a consultancy basis combining clinics, writing, media and public information lectures as well as assisting fellow GPs, nurses and therapists with lectures and workshops. He is a member of an international group of experts exploring how best to measure cognition in depression.

He has written extensively on the subject and his Flag series of books have been widely read by professional and lay people interested in the area. His 6th book on Anxiety and Panic got to number one in the best – seller nonfiction list in Ireland. It combines a novel new approach to combining Neuroscience concepts with CBT to assist people eliminate or learn to deal with panic attacks, phobias, social anxiety and general anxiety.

The Flag series have been taken on by the Orion Hachette group in London and relaunched in September and October 2017 and available in both Ireland, UK and online. His most book Emotional Resilience – how to safeguard your mental health was recently published by Orion UK in Dublin and London on 2nd May 2018 and has been number one in the nonfiction bestsellers in Ireland for many weeks, since its launch.

He is a regular contributor to national press and media and is a monthly contributor to the Sean O’ Rourke show for almost four years. He is a member of the Advisory Board of the College of Psychiatry and former Board member of the national depression group Aware.

You can learn more on his website

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