From Mindfulness to Heartfulness: A Two Day Meditation Retreat With Marjó Oosterhoff


Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of October from 10am – 4pm

Cost: €135

Meditation is a journey of bringing the mind into the heart. ‘Vipassana’ means seeing clearly. ‘Metta’ (loving kindness, heartfulness) practice cultivates our capacity for kindness and non-contentiousness. The combination of mindfulness and loving kindness is a powerful way to develop clarity, contentment and compassion, in the quiet environment of retreat as well as in the midst of the chaos of our every-day lives, and helps us to tap into our inner sources of kindness and wakefulness.

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Marjó Oosterhoff will be facilitating this retreat. She is manager and resident teacher of Passaddhi Retreat Centre in West Cork. She has been practising meditation in the Buddhist tradition of South-East Asia for many years, and in 1995 was authorised by her teachers to teach retreats in the West.

Marjó began vipassana (insight or mindfulness) practice in 1981 in Thailand, and later continued in Burma. She has trained and practised in Western meditation centres as well as in various Asian monasteries and nunneries. She ordained as a temporary nun on three occasions for the traditional rains retreats in a monastery in Burma.

Since 2001 she has also been guiding metta (lovingkindness, friendliness) meditation. The two practices of vipassana and metta are complementary and both forms of meditation are of enormous support in life. Over the years Marjó has developed a unique combination of mindfulness and compassion practices, in formal meditation sessions as well as in informal practice.

In her teaching style Marjó emphasises that there is nothing we need to add to or take away from what is already here. She will gently guide the participants to a place of compassionate awareness.


This retreat will be suitable for beginners and non-beginners, for people of all religious backgrounds or none, and offers an introduction to mindfulness and compassion, and a deepening for those who already practise meditation, in whatever form.