The Mystic With John F Doherty


 Sunday 4th February, 10am – 4pm
A workshop exploring the inter-spiritual domain and what it means to be a Mystic today through the lens of teaching and mindfulness practices. CPD points are available for this. Please bring lunch.
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John Doherty has been teaching for the last twenty five years in the area of adult education. He wears two professional hats, one teaching in the in the area of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation and two working as a professional support and development supervisor, supporting people in their work and how it impacts on them.

Having studied and practiced in a number of the world’s religious traditions he has a passion for the inner mystical journey and what that looks like in a modern setting. He is particularly informed by Jungian psychology and the idea of embodied spirituality through meditation and movement work and feels that the spiritual journey should be inviting us to be ever more human.

For more about John see his website