One Day Ashram Retreat with David Halpin June 2018


Join David Halpin on this One Day Ashram retreat at The Sanctuary.

The retreat takes place on Saturday June 9th from 10am to 4pm and offers you a chance to connect with your inner harmony and the World around you.

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The concept of Ashram comes from the Indian Spiritual tradition, specifically the Hindu tradition. Today in India as well as Hindu ashram’s there are Christian, Buddhist and interfaith ashrams. A person would go to an Ashram to be immersed in Spirituality, Meditation and opening oneself to experience God.

A typical Day in an ashram involves exercise, several sessions of meditation, deep relaxation, prayer, a lot of silence and reflection.

This day retreat will follow a similar pattern of what occurs in an Ashram in India. It will begin at 10.00am, there will be some Yoga style exercises, several sessions of meditation, deep relaxation, a little teaching on the mystical traditions of the world and Satsang – a short reflection at the conclusion of the day.


David Halpin has a masters in Applied Spirituality and a doctorate in Ministry. He lectures in the area of Spirituality in Waterford Institute of Technology and in DCU. He previously worked as a priest in the diocese of Dublin for almost twenty one years. Currently he is engaged to be married to Christine. For the past five years he worked alongside Korko Moses at the Ashram Experience held each year during the month of July in Stella Maris Convent, Howth.  He also held several Ashram Experience Days in the parishes of Neilstown and Rowlagh. David has a particular interest in the mystics of all religious traditions and strives to bring some insights from the various mystics into the Ashram Experience.