Say Hello to Brain Health, with Dr Sabina Brennan


Learn how simple lifestyle changes can boost your brain health and reduce your risk of developing dementia.

Join us in DIT St Laurence, Grangegorman on October 23rd at 7pm when Dr Sabina Brennan, Trinity College Dublin, will explain how scientific research is showing that modifiable factors can promote brain health and protect against dementia.

She will share Top Tips for Brain Health and take questions after the talk.



Adopting a brain healthy lifestyle is like investing in brain capital because it not only helps to keep our brain healthy now, but also builds cognitive reserves that can be cashed in at some point in the future to cope with or compensate for disease, damage or decline.

Your Facilitator – Dr Sabina Brennan, T.C.D.

Sabina Brennan (PhD., C.Psychol.,PsSI.) is a psychologist, innovative public educator and experienced communicator with a unique skill mix acquired over her career working in the private sector, in media and most recently in academia.

Her scientific research at Trinity College Dublin has focused on understanding dementia risk and protective factors to establish how decline in cognitive function might be prevented or delayed. She is passionate about engaging people in an educational preventative context.

Her public engagement projects aim to increase the societal impact of scientific research by translating complex content into easy-to-understand resources for the general public and key stakeholders. Her animated films have been translated into multiple languages and viewed in more 140 countries. Her films that address people’s fears about memory loss and dementia are used for training and education by more than 40 hospitals and advocacy groups on 4 continents. Combined her various resources have been used by more than 1.4 million members of the public.

Professor Brennan has established a strong media profile. Her work has been covered extensively in the media (TV, radio, press and online) and she is a regular contributor and panelist on RTÉ, Newstalk and TV3. She is invited regularly to speak nationally and internationally to diverse audiences on a broad range of topics. She makes the neuroscience of human behaviour very accessible and has been described as a passionate and inspirational speaker making science fun and fascinating.

Dr Brennan has also engaged with wider society to the benefit of the public good by serving on numerous government, advocacy and advisory panels and committees (e.g. Alzhiemer Society of Ireland, SAGE, support and Advocacy for Older Adults, HSE Expert reference group dementia friendly Ireland, Department of Health – Healthy and Positive Ageing and Dept of Foreign Affairs Vulnerable older adults abroad). She currently serves on Trinity’s Equality Committee and Chairs the Age Friendly Trinity Working Group.

Sabina is founding director of Trinity Brain Health and Adjunct Assistant Professor, ADAPT Centre, Trinity College Dublin.