Unmasking the inner critic with Teresa Larkin


This course explores how we might develop an insight into how our mind’s work and why we feel what we feel. How might we move towards cultivating a compassionate way of relating to our own “Inner Critic”?

Location: the Sanctuary, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7

Dates and Times: Thursday mornings from January 10th- January 31st at 10am and 12pm

Course facilitator: Teresa Larkin

Cost: €75

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There will be a gentle exploration of the nature of the Inner Critic-its triggers, its tone of voice, its common themes. We will also look at the negative influence it can exert on our lives + discern the fear and anxiety that lies behind it. Instructions will be given on how to take a “Self-Compassion Break” when the Inner Critic is most active. The course will be conducted within a mindful context, using music, poetry and ample time for guidance, reflection + journaling.

Meet Teresa Larkin:

Teresa Larkin is a graduate of Mater Dei and U.C.D. She has over 30 years experience as a secondary school teacher. Teresa has a lifelong commitment and involvement in meditation and mindfulness programmes. For the last twenty years she has facilitated retreats for adults and young people. This includes five years facilitating the Jigsaw Programme in the Sanctuary.