Walking a Mindful Path in 2018 with Teresa Larkin


Running on Saturday, January 20th from 10am – 4pm.

Learn to move from self-neglect to self-care and resilience in this one day workshop with facilitator Teresa Larkin.


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“Sometimes it is necessary to re-teach a thing it’s loveliness, to put a hand on its brow, and retell in words and in touch, until it flowers from within of Self-Blessing” -Galway Kinnel.



So the invitation of this workshop is to remember our loveliness in ways that nourish our Inner and Outer rhythms and soften the hard moments of our lives. Learning to grow to be your best self. Soften-Soothe-Allow. Accepting and not condemning, nurturing and not punishing.

The workshop will help us find inner peace in the midst of conflict, confusion or challenge. Staying centred In the midst of difficult situations. Learning to trust in your intuitive response. Learning that you do have a choice to live a more vital, more meaningful life.

Mindfulness is about paying attention, deliberately and without judgment, as best you can, to what is going on in your body, mind and in the world around you.  We will explore the mindful qualities of acceptance, kindness, non-judging and letting go. This is because your attitude to life makes all the difference. Through exploring these qualities in our workshop it will enable you to live a more mindful life. Then it is possible to see challenges as opportunities to grow, being open to seeing things in a different way and developing your inner strength and resilience.

About Teresa

Teresa Larkin is a graduate of Mater Dei, UCD and Maynooth universities. She was a teacher for thirty-three years and became a experienced meditation teacher during that time. I was with the Jigsaw programme in the Sanctuary for five years guiding meditation practice for intellectually and physically disabled people. For the last ten years I have given mindful retreats and workshops in the Dominican Retreat House in Tallaght. I taught meditation and mindfulness classes in the adult education centre in Sion Hill for five years. I have a life-long commitment and belief in mindfulness practises. My special interest is in the area of resilience, inner strength in difficult times and managing change mindfully.


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