judith king

Ways To Body Wisdom: Chakras & Other Pathways with Judith King


Running on Saturday 10th February 2018 from 10 – 4pm

Judith King will facilitate us reconnecting with our bodies through old and new systems of knowing – like – the map of the Chakras; movement; connection to nature, creativity and meditation.  If you want to feel more at home in our fleshy house of being then join us for a relaxing day of attention and care to body wisdom.

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We are luckily living in a time of increased awareness and knowledge about our body’s ways and patterns.  After hundreds of years of dedicating superiority to the mind and almost trying to live in our heads alone, we are back to realizing that it is all one – head, body, mind, heart, spirit – we care for the whole interconnecting field of being that our body is or we are only half living our lives.