The 2018 Mindful Warrior Programme

The 2018 Mindful Warrior Course is now Fully Booked. For more information about the other courses we offer, or about future Mindful Warrior courses please call Gillian or Laura on 01 670 5419

The 2018 Course is fully booked, for more info call 01 6705419

The Sanctuary is now offering a training course for those who work with young people to enable them to deliver our Mindful Warrior Programme in their own school or centre.

What is the Mindful Warrior?

The Warrior Programme is a teacher trainer programme that draws on the various traditions of culture and the arts, helping young people to end up as gentle warriors. It is built around an initiation framework linked to adolescent psychological development that includes:

  • Mindfulness and movement practices
  • Insights from psychology of adolescent development
  • Ways to experience moments of reflective stillness
  • Traditional wisdom embodied in the ‘gentle warrior’ figure
  • Use of creative imagination
What are the benefits?

Inclusion of the Mindful Warrior Programme in the classroom helps to transform young people’s behaviour and helps them to develop self-awareness and the resilience needed to deal with challenges and disappointments in life.

Who is the Mindful Warrior programme for?

It best serves the needs of a cohort of young people who require an alternative, experiential-led approach to their development and is particularly suited to young people from 6th class to 2nd year, who are finding the journey to maturity and social integration challenging.

Will I get resources I can use in the classroom?

Yes, you will be supplied with handouts and lesson plans, we also offer follow up reconnection days so that we can help you continue your practise.

“Being honest about our struggles our fears and our hopes is the best gift we can pass on to others.”Sister Stan

When does the Mindful Warrior 2018 take place?

The programme dates are the 8th/9th of September, 13th/14th of October and then the 10th and 11th of November. It is held in the Sanctuary (see Google Map Location below)

How much does it cost?

The course costs €550 in total

For further information email or

or call us on 01 670 5419