The Mindful Warrior Programme

The Sanctuary is now offering a training course for those who work with young people to enable them to deliver our Mindful Warrior Programme in their own school or centre.

The Sanctuary Mindful Warrior Programme is one that enables young people to travel a safe, mindful path on the journey from child to adult.

The programme is one of the core mindfulness-based programmes developed for young people at the Sanctuary.

The course is developed to best serve the needs of a cohort of young people who require an alternative, experiential-led approach to their development particularly suited to young people from 6th class to 2nd year, who are finding the journey to maturity and social integration challenging.

Over 10 weeks, the programme encourages a group of young people to understand the concept of the Mindful Warrior and to explore how they can integrate the Warrior Journey into their everyday life, relationships and community.

It encourages young people to find, build and experience a place of Sanctuary within and around themselves.

“I think all of us, young people and adults, can benefit from developing the reflective capacity within us and the prayer capacity within us – the capacity to reach the inner and the divine.”Brother Richard

The course is built around an initiation framework linked to adolescent psychological development that includes:

• Ways to experience moments of reflective stillness
• Traditional wisdom embodied in the ‘gentle warrior’ figure
• Mindfulness and movement practices
• Use of creative imagination
• Insights from psychology of adolescent development

Find out more in this video