An Introduction to Embodied Meditation: Alistair Appleton

embodied meditation

Alistair Appleton is coming to the Sanctuary to teaching a profound way of deepening our meditation practice.

Based on his work as psychotherapist and his studies with the American Dharma teacher, Reggie Ray, Alistair is leading a 2-day introduction to the field of ‘embodied meditation‘. It will be suitable for all levels: beginners or practitioners wanting to explore this new paradigm of meditation.

Sometimes, even as accomplished meditators, we can get stuck in our heads.  We end up ‘thinking’ a lot about peace and ease rather than really feeling what’s going on for us. The practices of embodied meditation train us to access a direct experience of our bodies. This, in turn, seems to turbo-charge our practice.

During the weekend, Alistair will lead us through 3 core practice and there will be plenty of time for experience and discussion. All welcome!

Dates and Times:  September 7th/ September 8th 2019 from 10am – 4pm



It was in 2000, alongside his successful career in television, that Alistair Appleton began his serious involvement in meditation. Trained mainly in the Buddhist tradition, Alistair took refuge with Lama Yeshe Rinpoche, the abbot of Samye Ling Monastery in 2000 and sat several retreats at this extraordinary monastery in the Scottish borders and in the meditation hermitage on Holy Island near Arran. In the following years, however, it was the simpler, more direct teachings of the Thai Forest tradition that caught Alistair’s attention. He studied at Chithurst Monastery in Sussex with the sangha around Ajahn Sumehdo and completed a retreat at the famous training monastery in Thailand, Wat Pah Nanachat.He also studied with the teacher Ajahn Amaro who is abbot at Abhayagiri Theravadan monastery in Mendocino County, California.