January 2022 Courses for Website (14)

Art of Compassion: Self Compassion for Wellbeing

Compassion can be defined quite simply as the ability to recognize, move towards and be with suffering, with an intention to relieve it. Compassion is an action. It has the potential to empower. Whether it is your own suffering or the suffering of another, it is resisting the urge to look away. Instead, it is a’ turning towards’ with an open heart and a deep wish to relieve suffering in a bid to help ourselves and others flourish.

The wonderful news is that research shows that compassion can not only be learned, but it can cultivated through practice and training. This 5 week course is an introduction into the practice of training in compassion.

Who this is for:  It would be beneficial to have some experience of mindfulness/meditation; however, all are welcome

There is a new course coming up in January with Barry Lee

17th January 2022 – 14th February 2022

Monday evenings
7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

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