The Ashram Experience 2018

Day Retreat Only Booking

DAY ONLY Retreats can be booked HERE (these do not include overnight stay)

Accommodation Booking

Important note: If you wish to book your overnight Ashram on the same day that it starts you will need to call our office on 01 670 5419 and we will take your booking directly.

Book your overnight accommodation HERE

Details about the 2018 Ashram

When: Friday 29th June – Sunday 29th July (Guests can book for night of 28th June)

Where: Stella Maris, Carrickbrack Road, Baily, Howth, Co. Dublin

This community experience, within the natural beauty of Stella Maris, will offer you an opportunity to experience meditation, silence, simplicity, peace and inner stillness, to enrich your spirit and enliven your faith.

The silent retreat will be led by Korko Moses, a Jesuit priest from India who founded Dhyanavanam, an Ashram in India inspired by both Christian & Eastern spiritual traditions.

He is a spiritual guide, counsellor, teaches meditation and yoga, leads retreats, and has worked with people with addictions. He also offers spiritual guidance for the L’Arche communities.

Ashrams are places where people of any faith, gender or nationality can stay and practice intense meditation, taking up an inward journey under guidance to realise the truth of themselves as divine.


The day experience: There are 12 day participants max. The day ashram runs from 7:30am until 8pm. Download more information here ashram day

The overnight residential experience: There are 12 residential residents max. There are 12 single rooms. Download more information here ashram resident

Please Note

Unlike some other venues our check in time and check out time is 7pm, please book accordingly.

Example: Making a booking for July 8th, 9th and 10th means you can arrive at the Ashram from 7pm on the night of July 8th with three nights accommodation and days of participation included. Your Ashram experience ends at 8pm on July 11th after participating during the day.


Day resident: €55 a day
Residential: €85 per night

Overnight Residential Discount Schedule: 

€85 each day
€80 a day if staying for 5 nights or more
€500 for seven nights

Please note our max stay is 7 nights. If you wish to join the Ashram for longer than that then please contact us.


Please direct all questions regards the ashram to