As August rolls into September..

Autumn: A time for New Beginnings

It’s the turn of season:  Summer to Autumn.  Indeed, change can be seen all around us. If you look very closely, you can see the tops of some trees dialling up the colour and the blackberries are starting to plump and ripen.

There is a briskness in the air; and if you’re like me, a warm comfort in knowing that while there are changes happening, these changes are one of the consistencies that nature delivers each and every year. I can always depend on Autumn arriving. It arrives like a long- lost friend returning from some distant land.

Perhaps, this is why it feels like a natural time to slow down and prepare. A time to prepare for my visiting friend. A time to set the hearth and gather the nuts. Only in my case, my nuts might look like setting out the throws and blankets, treating myself to some nice teas, stocking the larder, the woodpile and readying myself for slowly turning inward and spending more and more time indoors. In many ways, the turning of season is like new beginnings.

This year is no different. On this day, the 1st of September, I woke up early, committing myself to a new routine. I stretched my body with some light yoga, sat in meditation practice, set my intentions and dropped off my daughter for her last ‘first’ day of Secondary School. Her new beginning!

Mindfulness teaches us that each passing moment provides the opportunity to begin again. We can choose to let go of what has passed and open- up to what is arriving. To me this feels incredibly liberating and filled with hope. Moreover, in seasonal terms, it means a new weather, new ideas, new challenges, new routines and new opportunities.

While my kids have their new school year as a vehicle for these opportunities, I was longing for a new beginning of my own. So, my new beginning? A course in rediscovering my creativity which includes a practice of writing 3 pages of nonsensical ramblings every morning for the next 12 weeks. A commitment to morning yoga and sitting practice as part of these 3 pages. A new meal plan that includes the produce of the season. A new vision board for my family as we face the new season.  

In times of uncertainty, and indeed these times are certainly uncertain, the one thing that remains constant is the passing of seasons. So perhaps, as Autumn arrives, we can all begin again.

What would your new beginning look like?

-Jane Negrych

Jane Negrych is the Managing Director of The Sanctuary. She also teaches on our Caring for the Caregiver programme, Train to Teach/ MBLC, SWAY and guides our Monday session on our free weekly online meditations.

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