Befriending volunteers visit community residences in the Dublin 7 area.  We meet every week and share conversations and cups of tea with residents, many of whom experience an on-going struggle with their mental health. Joining our Befriending Service is a chance to extend the hand of friendship to people living in the inner city who may feel excluded or have few social outlets.

The criteria for selection is:

  • Be 21 years or over
  • Be able to demonstrate a genuine interest in wanting to meet and befriend people with a mental health need
  • Be willing to volunteer 4 hours a month for a minimum of one year
  • Not expect to receive any payment of any kind
  • Be willing to be an active participant in the support framework which the Sanctuary provides

Befriending volunteers will undergo an interview screening process and, if accepted, will receive on-going support and supervision from the Sanctuary, including a basic introductory training in the area of mental health.

For more information and to return a completed application form to Johanne at

All volunteers are subject to the normal Garda Vetting procedures.