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Creating Your Own Sanctuary 2 Session Workshop by Mary Jennings and Margaret Quinn

Over the two consecutive evenings, this reflective event is about discovering and embodying the resources we have to live a safe, satisfied and connected life, wherever we are. It is about creating our own Sanctuary.
The event is suitable for anyone who has some basic mindfulness practice.

In this time, we will reflect on what sanctuary means to us in our daily lives and discover or re-discover the resources we actually have to make sanctuary a reality whatever the circumstances of our lives.

Using a blend of mindfulness practices and creative exercises, we will explore together the idea of sanctuary and what it means for each one of us. You will be encouraged to ground your insights in a piece of creative work. You can choose, for instance, writing, drawing, a collection of meaningful objectives, photos, memories, poems to record or assemble your own sanctuary in a concrete way. We envisage that we will each create a kind of ‘scrapbook’, which can serve as a reminder of the resources we do have, or as something we can build on as our sense of sanctuary develops and deepens over time.

In advance of the workshop, we will send you some suggestions on what materials you might find helpful or useful to gather. The workshop will include time to work together and a time to work alone.

Monday 27th and Tuesday 28th July



Price €50.00


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