Creation Is A Voyage – Let’s Navigate Together.

Pioneering visual workshop leader Jole Bartoli currently works in both Dublin and the Burren. She is the founder and director of Art To Heart. From the 8th of May to June 19th she’ll be bringing a weekly workshop to the Sanctuary. In this blog post she talks about having the courage to create.

“I like to paint but I am not an artist!” How many million times have I heard this sentence during art workshops? Yes I know that to bring us to declare “I am an artist” takes courage; it took me years to get used to say it, aware of the reactions I would set off just by declaring that.

So no wonder I spend much time during workshops to reassure people that if you engage in art activities regularly you are in fact an artist.

I believe that anybody that chooses can do art and that creative expression has little to do with technique. Much more important is to learn the art of letting go, to give yourself permission to play, to connect with your source and to silence your mind. The right technique, the one that suits you will come of its own accord, with some guidance and the reassurance that everything is allowed: copying, tracing, using the material the way it feels right to you, liberally experimenting with textures, lines, forms and colours.

This is precisely what we will be doing during the course “Let it Flow” in the safe and beautiful surroundings of the Sanctuary. The final results may not be what we had in mind when we started off (and very seldom it is) but we’ll learn to accept it and to work with the images that come through because that’s the real artist’s skill!

The creative urge that is in every one of us needs to be acknowledged; for some people is so strong that it permeates every aspects of their life and indeed it becomes life, something you can’t live without and that can’t be repressed. For others making art is a gentle way to achieve balance, enjoyment or healing. Whatever the reason creative expression can’t be bottled up so to have the chance to explore it in a special place and space like the Sanctuary is very important.

This special time when you are fully immersed in creating something new is rich with potentials: new doors open just enough to admit a new sensation, hints and suggestions. What we need and search for is everywhere, all around us, waiting to be recognized and engaged with – through art.

You can sign up for Jole Bartoli’s workshop here. It runs every Monday morning for 6 weeks (excluding June Bank Holiday) from May 8th.


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