Employment Opportunities at the Sanctuary

Meditation Centre


The Sanctuary was founded in 1998 by Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy. She wanted to provide a beautiful, reflective and contemplative space for people working in social care organisations and youth services. A place where they could be re-energised and nourished in body, mind and soul. This would help them continue their work and be more effective helping the most vulnerable in society.
Since 1998, the Sanctuary has been developing a range of courses and workshops in the area of mindfulness and meditation, yoga and movement, creativity and well-being. The Sanctuary now has a complete programme of day, evening and weekend courses, talks and workshops from both secular and spiritual perspectives. In particular, it has developed programmes for children, young people and for individuals who are at a vulnerable stage in their lives.


The Sanctuary is a centre for mindfulness, compassion and resilience in society. Our ambition is to be a beacon for compassion and resilience and to use mindfulness to achieve social change in Ireland and offer a pathway to a fulfilling life.
Our Vision is to build a more compassionate and resilient society
Our Mission is to inspire the young, support those on the front line in society and influence those who form policy that affects people’s lives.
Our Values are:
* To be accessible to everyone and make people feel welcome.
* To foster a strong sense of community, fellowship and belonging.
* To be authentic in our actions.