Finding Peace in a Frantic World (1)

Finding Peace in a Frantic World, with Mary Jennings

An introduction to Mindfulness

This theme of finding peace in a frantic world is a way to introduce the practice of mindfulness– as Christmas gets nearer, there’s generally an air of ‘frantic’ around the place and this year, with the added concern over Covid  – there’s perhaps some extra stress around. And mindfulness can support us with dealing with stress and finding a greater sense of peace.

Mindfulness as a practice is simple, simply being with what is, being with the breath or the body, watching our thoughts as they come and go… It takes practice and its takes learning some practices  -ones that have stood the test of time.

I look forward to introducing you to mindfulness and to help you find your own resources to find peace in a frantic world’- Mary Jennings

Date: Friday, 3rd , 10th, 17th  December 2021

Time: 10.00am- 11.30am

Price: €50.00

Mary Jennings is a Mindfulness Teacher and member of the Mindfulness Teachers’ Association of Ireland (MTAI).

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