Yoga class

Yoga Half Days at the Sanctuary

1/2 day workshop with our Yoga Teachers

As we start to learn the wisdom of yoga, it is really important to create the space and the time to not only develop but to sustain a practice. These Yoga Half Days provide the opportunity to come together in community, as a means of support for the practice.

Workshop description:

Throughout the year these half-days provide an opportunity to nurture and strengthen the energy of yoga and the practice of mindful movement in the company of others and through community.


Who this is for: Suitable for beginners and those who have experience of mindfulness.

Dates and Times:

Saturday, September 11th from 10am- 12.00pm with Andrea Boudin. 

Saturday, November 13th from 10am- 12.00pm with Andrea Boudin.

Cost: €25

**The Sanctuary has a turn no one away for financial reasons. Please email to request assistance from our AnCuan fund or to discuss flexible payment options.

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