Mindfulness and Mysticism 1 Day Workshop with John F. Doherty

In this unique 1 day workshop, John will be exploring how to inclusively bring the language and practice of spirituality or a religious tradition into the mindfulness world.

This day will be a mixture of teaching, discussion and lots of different practices offering participants a way into this often misunderstood and charged area of spirituality. Having spent many years studying and practicing in many of the world’s religious and mystical pathways, John has a great capacity to simplify these teachings and offer them in a similar format to an MBSR approach to mindful practice.

Whether you are an experienced practitioner or a mindfulness teacher, this workshop will have lots of elements to empower you in connecting to your Authentic Self.

This workshop is facilitated by John F. Doherty.
John has been working in the field of mindfulness, meditation and contemplation (Insight Meditation) for over 25 years.

Sunday 18th July

10.00am until 16.00pm


Price €50.00


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