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Loving Kindness: From Contentiousness to Contentment 2 Day Weekend Retreat

with Marjo Oosterhoff

From Contentiousness to Contentment: non-residential silent Lovingkindness Meditation retreat in the Sanctuary, Saturday and Sunday 24 and 25 October, 10 – 4.

In this Silent retreat we will focus on practices of kindness and compassion, and of insight into the way things are, cultivating a tender curiosity towards what arises in the body, heart and mind. A silent retreat like this is a way to make conscious what is unconscious. We begin to see where we get stuck in judgements, and where there is freedom from that; and realise that enoughness is already here and now.

We will reflect on what is good and happy in our lives, and on what is more challenging, and we cultivate wishing ourselves and others happiness and well-being (Lovingkindness).

We will also be sharing the joy when things are going well, for ourselves and for others.

In this way, we cultivate closer connections, harmony and peacefulness, realising that it IS possible to feel calm and contented in the midst of our every-day hectivity.

We meditate not to become good at meditation, but to get good at living a kind and contented life.

We will practise lovingkindness, mindful movement and practices of contentment and gladness.

Suitable for all levels of experience or none.

Coming for one day is fine too, but those who come for the 2 days will have preference.

Marjó Oosterhoff is manager and resident teacher of Passaddhi Meditation Centre in West Cork [].

She has been practising mindfulness and loving kindness meditation since 1981, in Asia as well as in the West, and in 1995 she was authorised to teach retreats by her Thai and Burmese teachers. 

Marjó will gently guide the participants in a safe and quiet environment to a place of inner stillness. 

Saturday 24th– Sunday 25th October 2020 [ONLINE]

10:00 am – 4:00 pm 

*** There are also very limited spaces at the Sanctuary available please email if you wish to attend in person.

Price €120.00


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