Managing Change Mindfully

We are living in the midst of change. Change is inevitable + unavoidable. The question is whether the process of change can be harnessed to work for you rather than against you? This course will provide the insights needed to manage change + uncertainty with mindfulness, kindness and compassion.

Course Content:

*Understanding the nature of change

*Exploring underlying attitudes + beliefs around change.

*Discerning the role fear can play in our response to change+uncertainty.

*Developing the “Change Muscle” the inner strengths needed to embrace change and transition.
*Looking at the possibilities of growth + freedom from stress and anxiety around change.

* Learning the importance of kindness+ compassion when dealing with change + uncertainty.

Mindfulness can improve our capacity to respond to change in a healthy way. Within this course there will be ample time for insight, guidance, poetry, music + reflection. There will be an opportunity for mindful journaling- to write+ process your feelings around change.

The invitation of this course is to take the mindful path to lasting change in your life.

Our next Manging Change Mindfully Course takes place with Teresa Larkin and starts on Thursday 28th February. Learn More / Book Now