Managing Our Emotions Mindfully

managing our emotions mindfully

Managing our Emotions Mindfully: This course will provide the insights needed to manage our emotions with mindfulness, kindness and compassion.

Course Content:

*Learning how to build skills in managing our emotions more effectively + compassionately.

*Building emotional agility in challenging times.

*Identifying core values + beliefs + understanding how they influence our emotions + decision-making abilities.

* Developing self-compassion skills + finding a kinder/friendlier way of relating to ourselves.

Mindfulness can help us manage our emotions in a healthy way. Within this course there will be ample time for insight, guidance, poetry, music + reflection. There will be an opportunity for mindful journaling- to write+ process your feelings around change.

The invitation of this course is to take the mindful path to lasting change in your life.

Our next Managing Our Emotions Mindfully Course takes place with Teresa Larkin and starts on Thursday 2nd of May- 23rd of May from 10am-12pm. Book on our Online Shop