Meditation Within Wisdom Traditions

Meditation Within the Wisdom Traditions

One evening per week for eight weeks.

These days Mindfulness has become extremely popular as a way of reducing stress. It is usually taught as a secular practice without much reference to its origins as a form of spiritual practice.

This 8-week course offers participants the opportunity to experience mindfulness among other forms of meditation as a spiritual practice. It will be largely experiential rather than academic.

It will draw from the well not only of Buddhism, but also from a range of Wisdom traditions including mystical Christianity and Hinduism in addition to the Judaic and Sufi traditions.

Participants will learn from the writings of such spiritual teachers as Thich Nhat Hahn, Tara Brach, Richard Rohr, Cynthia Bourgeault, Rumi and Adyashanti among others and explore what they have to say about the human experience from a spiritual perspective. Previous familiarity with these names is not necessary.

Each session will be a mix of gentle guided meditation practice, short inputs from the teacher and some group activities.

No previous experience of meditation is necessary but a commitment to regular practice during the course is highly recommended. There will be time also to chat with like-minded people over a cup of tea or coffee. The course welcomes people of all faiths and none who are curious about the many sources of spiritual wisdom found across the traditions.

Teacher: Dominic Cogan

Dominic originally started practising meditation over sixteen years ago to help with stress reduction. Since then his practice has gradually evolved into a more explicitly spiritual one, which draws inspiration from a variety of Wisdom traditions including Christianity and Buddhism.  Dominic is a fully qualified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher. He also holds postgraduate qualifications in both Inter-Spiritual Mindfulness Facilitation and Soul Empowerment Coaching.

20th January -10th March 2021

Wednesday evenings
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Price: €175.00


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