January 2022 Courses for Website (6)

Mindful Decisions, Wise Actions, with Mary Jennings & Margaret Quinn

Course Description:  This course is about how to make decisions with greater clarity. More than that, it’s about finding the next right steps in wise action.
Principally drawing on the work of Eugene Gendlin’s and Ann Weiser Cornell’s evidence-based Focusing, this workshop is designed to help participants discover the skills involved in making wise decisions. We will explore how to be at what Gendlin calls ‘at the edge of awareness’ or what others may call ‘our gut instinct’ and allow clarity to come from there.
During the course will you learn:
· Techniques for being with what’s not yet clear and allowing it to crystallise or come into focus
· The importance of paying attention to what is experienced in the body when facing decisions
– How to take the first, next step to follow-through on your decisions

We will employ a combination of guided reflective exercises and group discussion to achieve these outcomes.

This is a 4 week course ONLINE

Date: Thursday, 13th January 2022

Who this is for: Over 18s but all are welcome.

Price: €80.00

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