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Mindful Hatha Yoga, with Riana Walsh

In these Friday morning classes, the physical practice of Yoga goes hand in hand with mindfulness teachings. Our focus is on mind-body awareness, using our physical yoga practice as a vehicle to cultivate mindfulness.

This is an ONLINE class
Participants are introduced to body scan and breath awareness practices, yoga postures (asana)/sequences connecting mind, body and heart in the present moment. Our mindful meditation focuses on sensation, breath, sound, thoughts. All of these practices guide us towards our own innate resources where we can access a sense of ease and spaciousness in body and mind as we engage with everyday life. The yoga Sutra: ‘Yoga chitta vritti nirodah’ – ‘yoga is the settling of the mind into silence’, is central and both restorative practices and relaxation are integral.

Who this is for: Everybody is welcome to this class, with or without prior experience of yoga and meditation, over 18s only.

New Course: Friday, 5th November 2021

Price: €87.50 for 7-weeks 

**The Sanctuary has a turn no one away for financial reasons. Please email to request assistance from our AnCuan fund or to discuss flexible payment options.

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