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Making Friends with the Inner Critic, with Dominic Cogan

In this half-day workshop, we will gently explore the common tendency for people to be hard on themselves and be overly critical. Many of us go through life feeling vaguely unworthy or that we don’t measure up. When difficulty comes along in the form of anxiety or sadness or disappointment we tend to blame ourselves. It is like we have an Inner Critic who berates us for our perceived failures. We somehow think that if we listen to the inner critic we can protect ourselves from the criticism of others. But the reality is, that harsh inner criticism adds to our unhappiness rather than protecting us from it.

Through a variety of mindfulness and compassion based practices we will make space for a new voice to be heard within us, i.e. the Inner Helper. The Inner Helper connects us to our own goodness and intelligence while supporting us in acting wisely to meet the challenges of daily life. The workshop will also include some gentle group discussion.

This event is ONLINE ***due to updated Government restrictions***

Saturday, 27th November 2021


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