Mindful Parent- Mindful Child

Mindful Parent

A One Day Workshop with Dominic Cogan

Mindful Parent-Mindful Child: Research suggests that there is a strong correlation between mindfulness traits within parents and their child’s ability to internalize and externalize their experiences positively.  In short, the more mindful a parent is, the easier their child will find navigating stress, anxiety and difficult emotions, not only making parenting easier, but allowing the parent/child relationship to flourish.

At the Sanctuary we run a series of courses for parents, offering them the chance to experience an introduction to mindfulness and mindful parenting. Mindful Parent- Mindful Child is a one day workshop, delivered by Dominic Cogan of RTE fame, and is:

-designed for parents and guardians of children ages 4-12

-supports both parent and child in reducing stress

-handouts to take way with tips and resources

-variety of teaching facilitation methods

Topics will include:

-using mindfulness techniques to respond rather than react

-supporting the anxious child in worrying less

-cooling down strategies when anger and frustration appears

-helping your child build a healthy sense of self-worth and confidence

When: Saturday, May 18th from 1oam- 4:30pm 

Dominic is a parent of three children. He has worked as a primary school teacher for many years. A qualified life coach, he holds aMasters in Education from University of London, is a certified Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction teacher and a trainer for the UK charity Mindfulness in Schools Project. he also facilitates the Irish designed Parents Plus programme for parents of teens.