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Mindfully Waiting for Easter: The Sanctuary’s Easter program

3 Week Christian Meditation Course delivered by Br. Richard Hendrick & Sr. Stan Kennedy.

March 16th/ 23rd and 30th

For Christians, The Easter Season is one of the most important celebrations of the calendar year. It is a time of great joy and great hope that touches in with the promise of resurrection. The theme of resurrection and rebirth during the time of Spring is universal. This course will focus on the Hope that is born of the Easter Season through the Christian lens.

Brother Richard and Sister Stan will explore the concepts of Metanoia (turning towards the light), Kenosis (Emptying the self) and Discipleship (A Call to Compassionate Action and Purpose in one’s life).

All are welcome- regardless of your faith tradition or none.

Tuesday March 16th Mindful Metanoia: Mindfulness as a tool for inner conversion and healing during Lent: Brother Richard Hendrick

“Metanoia”, (meaning a turning towards the Light), is an ancient word often used in the Christian tradition to indicate a path of renewal. In this session we will explore the wisdom of the various inner practices of lenten metanoia through the lens of mindfulness practice as a way of preparing for and encountering the Light of Easter.

Tuesday March 23rd The Desert of Lent: the practice of emptiness in Christian Mysticism: Brother Richard Hendrick

In the Christian mystical tradition the desert is the spiritual archetype of both the place of inner struggle and the place of Divine encounter. In the Lenten season we are encouraged to enter this place of transcendence so as to practice the art of Kenosis (emptiness of self) and be filled with Divine light.

This session will help us prepare for the Spring renewal that Easter brings by looking at these traditions and at the various meditative and mindful practices which can help us through the desert spaces of our lives.

Tuesday March 30th  The Call to Action: A Discipleship: Sr. Stan Kennedy

As Christians we are called to share and participate in the Divine nature of God. The call of the Christian is nothing less than sharing in the very being of God. Christian discipleship is a lifelong journey, a journey into becoming one with Christ, into becoming other “Christs”.  A journey in which the meditation the “Prayer of the Heart” is a core and central part.

Lent each year is an important step in that journey. It is a time to reflect more deeply our call as Christians to Meditation/Contemplation and Action.

It is a time to reflect on how our call as Christians gives meaning to everything else in our life. The joys, the sufferings, the things we gain, the things we lose.

It is a time to reflect on how everything is given meaning as the purpose and the priorities of our life as Christians become clearer through meditation and contemplation.

Date : Tuesdays Mornings from 11am- 12pm on March 16th/23rd and 30th

Cost: €50 Concession: €40 ( Please use code ANCUAN10 at the checkout)

The Sanctuary does not want any financial barriers to attending this event, so please contact to enquire about assistance from our An Cuan fund.

Mindfully Waiting for Easter: Sr. Stan Kennedy

Saturday 3rd April, 2021 10am-11.30am

Easter is the most important festival in the Christian calendar celebrating the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. A festival celebrated right across the world not just by Christians but by people of all faiths and none. The resurrection is not just something that happened 2000 years ago, it is happening all the time, it is happening now, it goes on and on and on as the dead and dull in us give way to the Easter challenge to begin again. How can we touch in with our own personal resurrections?

Easter is a time of great joy, new life and hope. The theme Sr. Stan is exploring this year is Hope. A celebration of Hope through story, poetry and meditation. A celebration of ourselves as Easter people, people full of joy. Open to the unexpected, believing beyond our security, welcoming God in every form, people full of hope

Saturday 3rd April, 2021 10am-11.30am

A Donation Based event

The suggested donation is €20.00. However, we do not want money to be a barrier to attending this event so please donate what you can afford.

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