Mindfulness Days of Practice

Mindfulness Days of Practice

From time to time, mindfulness practitioners can feel as if their practice has started to lag or maybe even go missing! These Mindfulness Days of Practice offer practitioners the chance to set aside a full day to come together in community to practice and share their experience.

Practicing in community not only helps to create a safe space in which the practitioner can feel held, but community can often help strengthen the intention to practice, which in turn deepens the experience of mindfulness. In this way, our practice can become more and more embedded into our everyday life.

There are many programs that the Sanctuary offers to help sustain practice, such as our daily Drop Ins, Introductory courses, 6 or 8 week programs and our Mindfulness Half Days. Mindfulness Days of Practice further this commitment to support those we train.

Mindfulness Days of Practice are facilitated by experienced mindfulness teachers on a monthly basis. For more information of dates and times, please see below.

*Please bring packed lunch