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Mindfulness & Meditation

A Place of Welcome

The Sanctuary offers a place of welcome for all who would like to learn about, develop and sustain a life- long mindfulness/meditation practice.

Through daily Practice Sessions, monthly Mindfulness Half Days and day/evening/weekend courses, the Sanctuary aims to create a supportive environment and community that helps sustain the practice of mindfulness for all those who would like to live a more mindful life.

Whether you are new to mindfulness and meditation or you are an experienced mindfulness practitioner, the Sanctuary welcomes you into its community.


Daily and Weekly Drop-In Sessions

At the Sanctuary, we believe that mindfulness and meditation isn’t something that you dip in and out of; rather, it is ‘a way of being’.

It is our hope that mindfulness practice does not end at the end of a class or a course; instead, it ripples out into the way that we move through and connect with our world.

In order to help you live a mindful life, and to help sustain the practice of mindfulness, we invite you to attend our Daily Practice Sessions as part of weaving mindfulness into your life.

Courses & Workshops