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Modern Christian Mystics, with Dominic Cogan

This short survey course will each week explore the mystical riches of one particular mystic and relate them to the influences of their times.

Week 1: Evelyn Underhill – English poet and mystic and author of the 1911 classic “Mysticism”

Week 2: Teilhard de Chardin – French Jesuit scientist whose study of paleontology influenced his 20th century mystical and theological writings, such as “The Human Phenomenon” and “The Divine Milieu”.

Week 3: Richard Rohr – contemporary American Franciscan priest who has written many books including “Falling Upwards” and “The Universal Christ” and founded the Centre for Action and Contemplation in New Mexico, USA.

Week 4: Cynthia Bourgeault –  American Episcopalian priest and scholar who draws on a range of spiritual traditions that inform her works such as “The Wisdom Way of Knowing” and “The Wisdom Jesus”

Week 5: Ilia Delio – contemporary American Franciscan nun who unusually holds doctorates in both science and theology. She often uses scientific analogies to describe religious experience in books such as “A Hunger for Wholeness” and “The Hours of the Universe”.

Week 6: John O’Donogue – Irish poet, philosopher, and environmentalist and author of “Anam Cara” and “Eternal Echoes”

Each session will be varied with time to learn about the life journey of each mystic and some of the key concepts developed through their writings. There will also be time to reflect on the spiritual journey of participants and an opportunity to engage in contemplative practice. The course is suitable for people of all faiths and none who have an open attitude to the riches of the Christian contemplative experience.

Features of the course:

  • Opportunities to practise meditation within the Christian contemplative tradition
  • Details of the life and spiritual practices associated with each mystic
  • Weekly notes that support the topic for each session
  • 10-minute break in the middle of each session
  • Opportunities to share ideas and contemplative experience with fellow participants

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