Music Medicine- Exploring the power of voice

singing meditation

Our voices are unique, like our fingerprints.  We use our voices to express ourselves, to communicate, to share our ideas to the world, to comfort those that we love.  But our voices are powerful tools for healing and inner work.  Our voice is a doorway to connection, to healing and to singing meditation.

Over this weekend course we will look at:

Singing as Meditation – chanting helps us to shift into silence and peace in a beautiful and accessible way. Each chant we learn has an individual character, helping us to strengthen, to ground, to become more open and to live more freely.

Mantra and Contemplative Movement – sing the contemplative movements of Shintaido, we will explore different mantras and their corresponding movements to deepen our experience of the sound and the silence.

Improvisation and Exploration of our Voices – we will have fun exploring different ways to access our own innate voices, singing freely and improvising within a group setting and individually, in a safe and non-judgemental way.

Introduction to our energy body through sound – learn how to use sound to strengthen your energy system through sacred mantra, and explore the different chakras and the energies that they contain, through the musical scale and movement.

Saturday/Sunday October 5&6 2019 from 10am-4pm: Book on our Online Shop

Claire Crehan is a voice work facilitator, educator, musician, composer and arranger. She runs SpeakUp SingOut Music School with her sister Eimear, a school whose ethos is personal development through the arts, with a big focus on choral music as a tool for transformation within community. She is the creator of the Music Medicine course, inspired by her training and work with Chloe Goodchild of the Naked Voice, her training in sound healing, and many years of shamanic training within Ireland and South America.