Our History

Sr. Stanislaus Kennedy, a religious Sister of Charity, is the founder of the Sanctuary. Her vision for the Sanctuary was to provide a reflective contemplative, beautiful place for people in the midst of our frantic busy, world. A place and space where they could be re-energised and nourished in body, mind and soul. In keeping with their vision of helping people to live to their full potential, the Religious Sisters of Charity donated another portion of the old manor house site to the Sanctuary in 1998, for the development of the Sanctuary buildings and gardens.

Since 1998, the Sanctuary has been developing a range of courses and workshops in the area of mindfulness and meditation, yoga and movement, creativity and well-being.  In particular, it has developed a range of programmes working with young people and those who are a vulnerable stage in their lives.

The Sanctuary now has a complete programme of day, evening and weekend courses and workshops from both secular and spiritual perspectives.


To build a more compassionate and resilient society.


To build a more compassionate and resilient society through inspiring the young, supporting those on the front line in society and influencing those who form policy that affects people’s lives.

Our mission covers three areas:
-Every school & university. If we are to affect the future we need to start with youth
-Every carer and their organisations. Serving those who are in turn serving others.
-Every government policy. Working to make policy more compassionate and mindful of the human impact (mindful nation).

About the Sanctuary Logo

The Sanctuary logo was created in 1999 with colours of deep yellow with a strong orange circle,  illustrating harmony and peace; gentleness and strength; movement and openness; silence and stillness.   Over the years its shape creatively included images of some of the activities that take place in the Sanctuary, each one inviting a response in the exploration and search for stillness of mind and body.

The logo also represents an image of the Sanctuary Garden.