A selection of books on themes of meditation and mindfulness, by Sr Stanislaus Kennedy and others.

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  • Mindful Meditations for Every Day

    Mindful Meditations for Every Day carries the reader through the calendar year, with daily meditations, mindfulness exercises and scripture for each month. The book can act both as a guide to the practice of mindfulness and as a source of daily inspiration.

    Sometimes the stress of daily life can become overwhelming and it can be difficult to step back and take a breath. This book teaches the art of being aware, present and grounded. By learning how to focus and be mindful of simple things, such as the breath or the senses, the reader will learn how to relax and simply be in the present moment. Mindful Meditations for Every Day is essential for any reader who wants to benefit from the wisdom and spiritual know-how of Sr Stan.

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  • gardening_the_soul

    Gardening the Soul

    Sr. Stan looks to the earth that is so precious to our existence for inspiration throughout the year. Reflecting the garden's changing rhythms through the seasons, Gardening the Soul offers us a daily thought to keep us going as we face the challenges of modern life..

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  • To Live from the Heart

    In To Live from the Heart: Mindful paths to the Sacred, Sister Stan reveals how prayer can play an important part in all our lives, lifting our spirits and offering us hope and support in good times and bad. This comforting treasure of mindful meditations, prayers, proverbs and essays has helped to sustain Sister Stan through the years. In sharing them with us, she hopes they will nourish our souls, bring us peace on our journey through life and inspire us to live from the heart.

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  • Seasons of Hope

    This new book, the follow up to her bestselling Day by Day, offers words of wisdom to still the mind and calm the soul. Through verse and inspirational quotations from many enlightened figures, she offers us a chance to refocus our energies and step away from this frantic world and be open to new possibilities. Includes contributions from Michael Harding, Theo Dorgan, Peter McVerry and Ruairi McKiernan.

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  • Now is the Time (Townhouse, 1998)

    In this text Sr. Stan reflects on the great themes of modern life – love, death, work, healing, our relationships with each other, and with the universe.

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  • Seasons of the Day (Townhouse, 2003)

    This work is a modern interpretation of the classic Book of Hours, which was used to add structure to the day and provide a focus for prayers. Each day is split into eight hours and the days are collected into four-week cycles. Sister Stan has provided inspirational thoughts to go with each psalm, aimed at understanding and coping with the problems and stresses that modern life often brings. Her aim is to give this concept back to the reader.

    Available in paper back only.

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  • Stillness through my Prayers (Townhouse, 2006)

    Here, in this most straightforward of books, Sr. Stan shares simple, profound and calming prayers that she herself uses to help her achieve Stillness, that most elusive and treasured state of mind.

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  • Now is the Time Spiritual Reflections, Expanded Edition (Townhouse, 2006)

    This is a book for everyone; young or old, male or female, for those who are irreligious or plain disaffected as well as for the converted. Even people for whom a spiritual view of the world is a closed book should try opening this one.

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  • Moments of Stillness (Transworld Publishers 2009)

    Sr. Stan draws upon her memories of childhood and the special memories of awareness and mystery which have nourished and enriched her life.As she offers simple reflections that help us focus on the many gifts and blessings that surround us each day, she enables us to connect with our inner world and the deep, nurturing silence that lies within.

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  • Sr. Stans Book of Inspirations (Columba Press 2013)

    This little book of daily reflections is a book to have by your side, in your bag, in your pocket or at your bedside. Pick it up and put it down as you please. Read the reflections and aphorisms in your own way and your own time. Allow them to speak to your heart; to create a silence within you; to draw you ever more deeply into the journey of life. It is simply intended that this little book will bring you into a deeper part of your being.

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  • The Road Home, My Journey (Transworld, 2011)

    Sr. Stan looks back on her early life in rural Ireland,and to the life-changing decision she made at the age of eighteen to become a nun. Reflecting on the many challenges she has met, we see how Stan has worked tirelessly to help establish vital voluntary groups, such as focus Ireland, Young Social Innovators, The Immigrant Council of Ireland and The Sanctuary Meditation Centre. Inspiring and thought-provoking, this fascinating memoir provides a unique insight into the life and work of one of the most influential social activists of our day.

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  • I Can Feel My Toes Breathe – Sanctuary

    The Sanctuary launched their first book of meditation and mindfulness practices from the Sanctuary for Young People Programme in June 2010. This book, ‘I Can Feel my Toes Breathe’, is for those who work with children of all ages.

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