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  • Cultivating Awareness of Body

    This meditation invites the listener to a moment by moment awareness of the inner experience of self. The body scan helps to develop this awareness in an open and accepting way.

    Note: This CD, Cultivating Mindfulness of Body, is actually the same practice from Moving into Stillness CD

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  • Cultivating Mindfulness of Breathing

    This ancient and very simple meditation is made up of four stages offering the opportunity to rest with and savour ones breathing and be nourished by the mystery and beauty of the breath.

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  • Cave of the Heart

    This double CD offers both beginners and practitioners a way into the meditative tradition of Christianity. The fact that the Christian faith has an ancient and vibrant meditative practice of Mindfulness and Meditation within the Christian faith was reserved to the monastic life. In recent times it has been extended to the wider population as a way of deepening and enriching their spirituality as well as providing a sacred space where Christians may encounter those of other faiths and traditions.

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