6.00pm Wednesday Evening Mindful Yoga with Andrea April 2019


This course encourages an understanding of the structures and mechanisms of the physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual body through a joyful, gentle slow exploration of the abilities of the body, forgotten movements and sensations. Once participants have settled into their own physicality, there will be an opportunity for an exploration of the subtleties of the breath, and inviting moments of inner stillness in meditation.

Times & Dates: Wednesday April 3rd 6.00pm – 7.20pm until Wednesday May 15th (this is a six week course over 7 weeks, there is no class on Wed 24th April)

Location: the Sanctuary, Stanhope Street, Dublin 7

Cost: €75

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Yoga has developed as a spiritual practice in India thousands of years ago. In some instances, this spiritual grounding of yoga is largely overlooked in Western attitudes to the practice, thus diminishing the practice of yoga to a mere exercise program. Having established a personal practice based on the gifts of her teachers, the physical aspects of yoga are utilised to promote spiritual growth and insights, rather than being an end in themselves. Physical health, good balance, strength, flexibility and refined body- awareness are happy side-effects of a first and foremost spiritual endeavour.

Andrea’s classes are small which ensure a safe practice and close personal attention. The level of intensity is determined by the students attending the class as everybody works at their own pace, with their own level of commitment.