Dr Dan Siegel at the Sanctuary


Dan Siegel will be coming to Smithfield for a public talk on Wednesday, June 19th at 6:15pm. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the leading minds in mindfulness and neurobiology speak on how reflection and mindfulness practice can lead to an integrated brain, which creates the conditions for social, psychological, and physiological flourishing.

When:Wednesday, June 19th at 6:15pm

Where: Lighthouse Cinema hosted by the Sanctuary

Cost: €35

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Dr Siegel says: “We’ll dive deeply into the nature of presence, and how learning a reflective practice such as the Wheel of Awareness can build the mental skills of focused attention, open awareness, and kind intention that research suggests are three pillars of mind training that have been empirically shown to cultivate important aspects of social, psychological, and physiological flourishing.”