Pilates March 2019


Pilates helps overall well-being.  It helps you sit taller, look slimmer and feel better. The greatest benefit is core strength, for better alignment of the hip, knee and ankle joints, which aid balance and performance.

This also improves mobility and flexibility which can decrease the risk of injury.  Pilates can also help prevent and relieve back pain.

Join Alan Dunne on a 6-week course at the Sanctuary, Stanhope St, Dublin 7, starting March 14th, classes take place each Thursday 1pm – 2pm, until April 18th. Cost €110

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Your Facilitator: Alan Dunne

Alan has 14 years experience as a personal trainer PT and fitness instructor including roles with MiGym Fitness, Jackie Skelly Fitness, Liffey Valley Fitness, Westwood and Westgate. Alan mostly works with individuals on a one or two to one personal training basis or groups in a class setting. He has experience teaching bootcamps, Pilates, spin classes, tae bo, kettlebells, and much more.

Alan was named Freelance Personal Trainer of the Year 2018. The Nutramino Health and Fitness Awards recognises his work with special needs clients and highlighting his long-term approach to improving overall health and mobility. Since 2010, he has specialised in training individuals from the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ireland devising programmes to help improve mobility, flexibility and well-being. Alan also works with individuals with Parkinson’s and cerebral palsy on a one to one basis.

You can learn more about Alan on his website: alandunnefitness