Resilience and emotional wellbeing

Resilience and Emotional Wellbeing With Teresa Larkin

We invite you to reconnect with your own natural resilience. Move from self-criticism to self- belief self-care. Shift your perspective and move from surviving to thriving through challenging times.

Description of Course:

This course helps explores the nature of Resilience. Through;

*Learning new skills in understanding + managing our emotions. 

* Building emotional agility in challenging times. 

* Exploring the importance of self-care when dealing with uncertainty.

* Developing self-compassion skills+ a kinder way of relating to ourselves.

The course will be delivered within a Mindful context using insight, poetry and meditation as our anchors. 

This is a six week course.

Dates: 7th January 2021- 11th February 2021

Time: 10am-12pm. 

Price €120.00

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