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Resilience and Wellbeing for Challenging Times, with Teresa Larkin

Resilience is our ability to successfully cope with, adapt to or deal with adversities. Resilience means dealing with challenges in spite of their threat to our wellbeing and learning to grow and thrive as a result of experiencing these hard times.

The Invitation: Take the Mindful Path.
▪︎Learn to deepen the connection with your own natural resilience.
▪︎Learn to move from self-doubt and criticism to self-acceptance and belief.
▪︎Learn to enjoy the benefit of moving from surviving to thriving in difficult times.

Developing resilience is a personal journey, as we are all naturally resilient. However, we can work on building our resilient skills, nurture our strengths and resources and learn to deal with challenges more effectively.
Within this course we will look at resilient thinking and behaviour. We will deepen our understanding of our emotional response to stress and adversity. We will look at the value of compassionate self-care and staying connected to ourselves and others.

The course will be practical and tools- based. It will provide mindful techniques that the participants will find useful in their daily lives. There will be ample opportunity for insight, guided reflection and poetry.

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