restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga Workshop Restore, Relax, Rejuvenate

A Special 2hr Workshop with Sophia Pallaro

Restorative yoga is a practice aimed at cultivating deep relaxation in both body and mind. Using props such as blankets and cushions to support the body, we allow ourselves to fully let go and linger in restful stillness. Breath and body awareness assist us in quieting the mind, soothing the nervous system and cultivating a sense of relaxed presence.

This workshop will help you learn how to rest deeply and completely, and will leave you feeling profoundly relaxed and rejuvenated. It includes supported restorative poses, gentle breathing, very slow movements, and calming meditations.

Restorative yoga is a great support at times of stress, fatigue or when you feel like slowing down. You will experience a relaxing, calming and meditative practice and will leave with some easy ways to how integrate these simple techniques in your everyday life.

This workshop is open to everyone and does not require any prior experience. All you need are some blankets and cushions, and warm comfortable clothes. 

Date: Saturday 23rd January

Time: 12.00pm-2.00pm

Price: EUR25.00

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