Sound healing Workshop

Sound Healing Workshop with Singing Bowls

This live online workshop, split over two x 2hr workshops will give you an introduction into singing bowls (origin, material, tones, chakras). We also explore different tapping techniques how to create multiple tones as well as how to make a bowl sing beautifully. You will also learn and experience techniques how to work on and off the body as well as giving and receiving a wonderful “sound massage”.

What you need:

singing bowl (ideally 12cm or larger, smaller than 12cm is fine too) + mallet

Find a room/ space where you are not get disturbed during the class. Make sure you have some space to move a bit. Also have a chair or cushion or yoga mat to sit on. May have a blanket handy.

Your workshop teacher:
Simone Meschnig is a sound healing practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher. She runs a busy practice as well as a variety of sound healing courses in Dublin where she has lived for over 10 years. She is an Associate Teacher & Tutor with the Sound Healing Academy

Who this is for: No prior experience is required. You will need to have a singing bowl to participate

If you need some advice on where to source a good quality singing bowl for your needs please contact Simone:

4th and 11th March 2021 ONLINE

Thursday Evenings 7.00pm -9.00pm

Price: €50.00 

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