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We have had the final figure come in for our Dawn Chorus event and we are so delighted to say that with all your help we managed to raise a whopping €17,400.75 !!!!!! This Money will go to providing our Caring for the Caregivers programme to those who need it most.

We want to send a massive  heartfelt THANK YOU to all those involved in this event, from the participants to all the volunteers and organisers. It’s such an amazing outcome!

Please take a moment to read this beautiful account of our Dawn Chorus event back in May. Robert Raised €600 for our Caring for the Cargivers Programme! This amazing donation enables us to reach the people who need it most and provide much needed support .

The Dawn Chorus by Robert Quinn

We’ve probably all marveled at the beautiful songs and sounds that the birds can make at some stage but too often that’s only a momentary experience before falling back asleep or getting back to washing dishes etc. However, to create a special event of getting up extra early to practice Mindfulness and then create time and space to listen mindfully to the Dawn Chorus was an absolute treat.

My morning began when I rose out of bed at 4 a.m. and proceeded quietly and almost ninja style down the stairs, hoping I wouldn’t wake anyone up! I had all sorts of ideas about practicing mindful yoga and meditation before I took to the garden for the Dawn Chorus but as I quietly put on a saucer of water to make some tea I could hear the birds had already started singing. I opened the patio doors and the kitchen window so I could listen and once I had a cup of tea, a fleece and a blanket I stepped out into the darkness of my garden, took a seat and began listening. It was an extraordinary and beautiful experience to sit in the dark, look at the sky, drink tea and listen to the birds’ song. After a little while, the darkness transcended to brightness and I decided to walk mindfully around my neighbourhood staying close to trees and listening carefully. How many times have I walked or driven these streets with my mind full of busy thoughts but this morning it was all about the beautiful music offered up by the birds and how it harboured me in each and every present moment.

At 6 a.m. I knew my son would be about to wake up and call me to come and get him so I headed back home, into my garden and kitchen. I had just enough time for a mindful cup of tea which I drank in the garden but the scone I was toasting would have to wait as my son awoke and called me just as the toaster popped.

It was a wonderful event and that it raised funds for the Sanctuary’s Caring for the Caregivers programme made it a rewarding as well as an exhilarating morning.

Best wishes and thanks.

Take a look at this video from the Staff at Tallaght Hospital ER who just finished their Caregiver Programme with us. Without your help we would not have been able to deliver it to them so thank you!

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