The An Cuan Programme Services

The expanded An Cuan programme at the Sanctuary now offers:
• Holistic Health Treatments
• Monthly Meditation
• Mindful Gardening

Guided Meditation: on the first Thursday of every month 2.00 – 3.00pm. Note: No referral is required to attend the meditation (these meditations are on hold during summer 2019, regular sessions begin again on Thursday 5th Sept). With these guided mediation sessions people have the opportunity to learn the basics of visualisation and meditation. Hopefully this will enable them to bring the stillness of the Sanctuary into their everyday life.

Holistic Treatments: On week days (Days/times vary according to availability of voluntary therapists)
Treatments such as Massage, Reiki, Reflexology and Integrated Energy Therapy are available on a reduced price basis. Each client can avail of up to 6 treatments. The rate is €10.00 per person if the client is paying for themselves and €25.00 per person if the organisation is paying for the client and makes the booking.

Gardening: We have set aside the last Friday of each month for garden volunteers to work as part of a group. How the volunteer day works in practice is that a core group of 3-5 people turn up, most of these have some horticultural experience and some in fact work as gardeners. Sometimes other people also join the core group and they are very welcome.
* We have limited tools here in our shed and most people bring their own set of gloves. Occasionally a member of staff from the Sanctuary is also in the garden to give some guidance but this depends on what is happening in the office.
* Some people come for an hour and some come for the whole day – which runs from 10am-3pm. We provide a light lunch with a cup tea at around 1pm. The work is mainly weeding, sweeping, cutting back plants and painting.
* We are not in a position to provide horticultural training and people largely need to be able to work on their own initiative as we don’t currently have resources to provide a Sanctuary staff member to give guidance.

If you are looking to participate in the An Cuan Programme you need a referral from one of our partner organisations. See HERE to learn how, if you are looking to become one of our partner organisations please contact